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What We Are and Are NOT Saying

We are not saying that everyone must make fighting abortion their single focus. But what we are saying is that there ought to be fruit exhibited in our actions that are proportional to the magnitude of the evil abortion represents. We are talking about a REAL slaughter of our REAL neighbors who are the least of these in our community. These people belong to the ONLY people group where it is legal to murder them, the culture continuously dehumanizes them, the government not only does not enforce the laws of murder to protect them but in fact protects the “right” to kill them. These children are so poor they don’t even have clothes on their backs. They are so abandoned their own parents are paying an trained assassin to torture them to death. 1.2 million children every year are found in this plight and that does not include the countless other children that are legally murdered by chemical abortions. So please do not fire back at us that we are demanding that everyone only focus on abortion and please understand that the fruit we see from the church regarding the fight against abortion is not even close to where it should be. I suppose if someday it appears that the plight of the unborn child is getting too much attention, then maybe we could address the “single-issue problem” then.  So now let us turn away from our apathy, ask God to forgive us and to strengthen us to enter this battle the way He desires us to. If your heart is not broken for these children then ask God to break your heart in the way His heart is broken.


AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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