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Treating Abortion As What It Is

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A lot goes through my mind when I see a video like this and what comments to make when sharing it. Putting aside disagreements on strategy or tactics. Putting aside disagreements on the pros and cons of organized non-profits fighting abortion. Let me just get back to basics and if anyone sees something wrong in my premises and conclusion please weigh-in.

First off, if abortion indeed takes the life of an innocent human being, then abortion is murder. Regardless of any circumstances of the parents of the child, the child is still a child, and their life cannot be violently extinguished. That is the shedding of innocent blood. That is sin. Period. And it isn’t just a sin like any other. It is a sin that must be criminalized.

All murder must be treated as murder in every way; socially, culturally, spiritually, politically and legally. Our churches must treat it as murder. Our schools must treat it as murder. Our legal system must treat it as murder.

Not because I say so. Not because that’s “my opinion” but because this is reality. This is a fact. When an abortion is deliberately performed, regardless of the opinions of anyone involved, the reality is that a real child is killed. That is just a plain and simple fact whether one is comfortable with that fact or not.

Secondly, because abortion is murder and is being deliberately performed more than 3,000 times per day in the United States alone, should it be at all shocking or surprising that some followers of Christ, who are commanded to love their neighbor as themselves, would non-violently block the entrance to an abortion center? If you are bothered by such action then I challenge you to consider why. I would ask if you are bothered more by this type of Christian activism then you are bothered by abortion itself?

If you think this is a bad idea and there is a “better way” to fight abortion, then are you living out that “better way” and rallying others to join you?

To many who watch this they might see this form of “civil disobedience” as extreme. But stop for a second and think about what is truly extreme here. What is extreme is that a building can be put right in the middle of a city, surrounded by many organized churches, and it’s sole purpose is to murder children.

What is really extreme is that mothers and fathers, with the tacit or overt affirmation of a large number of Americans around them, would consider the murder of their child as a viable solution to a difficult life problem.

For decades and several generation we have fed on the lies of the culture of death such that our taste buds are perverted to the extent that the men and women standing in a righteous way to interrupt business as usual, are the ones we would consider extreme. It ought not be this way at all.

I am moved by what Rusty Thomas and his brothers and sisters with him have done here because of his willingness to let the truth lead him where it may. I hope this makes us all think more about what we are doing in the midst of the killing that is happening every day in our nation. I hope this moves us all to a godly sorrow that brings about repentance and action to do what God has called each of us to do in the work to love our neighbor as ourselves and to establish justice and mercy.

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AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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