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Why ‘Smart People’ Look Stupid When They Defend Abortion

It is amazing how stupid people can get when they try and rationalize abortion. It is real simple, the body, that is inside your body, is not your body. Recently Tomi Lahren made her view known on abortion and it was another example of a normally coherent and intelligent person saying something that is rationally and intellectually bankrupt. The abortion topic does this to people because ultimately it is impossible to defend killing children. So one has to ignore crucial facts by begging the question, or do some other logical fallacy to try and not look really evil. But all that it ends up doing is making the person look really evil AND stupid. To anyone paying attention this is obvious.

Here are two simple facts Ms. Lahren pretends do not exist:

Fact 1: Human Beings are made in God’s image and this is the foundation that human-rights stands upon. This is the reason it is wrong to murder any human being. We say any because the Scriptures are clear on just that. And even the unregenerate heart understands that the value of a human being does not come from any other thing than the fact of their humanity.

Fact 2: Abortion murders a human being. This is clear and incontrovertible.

9 Weeks-First Trimester Abortion

9 Weeks-First Trimester Abortion

Any arguments that ignore these facts are not going to work.

Making an argument that “the government should stay out of my body” conveniently for the pro-abortion person ignores facts 1 and 2 above. And yet pro-abortion apologists will say them over and over all the time.

But saying something over and over never makes something that is false magically become true. Nor do the facts care at all about being politically correct or sensitive to your feelings about anything. The truth just is.

For Tomi Lahren, put simply, the body inside your body is not your body. And the Constitution, and even more importantly God’s law, says you cannot do whatever you want with your body when it results in the murder of another human being.  Ms. Lahren says she supports the Constitution but she seems to forget that our Constitution does not permit murder of innocent people.

We have laws that restrict what we can do with our bodies because most of these laws are preventing another person from being harmed. Drunk driving laws are in place for this very reason. Rape is against the law even though it restricts what a person can do with their body.

Lahren’s argument, which she did not make up herself but is simply being parroting what she has heard before, assumes that fact 1 is not true. It assumes the fetus or embryo is not a human being made in the image of God. It assumes her body is the only body involved in the abortion process. This is simply a false assumption.

We as abolitionists will continue to point this out as part of our efforts to destroy misinformation and cast down any ideas or arguments that exalt themselves against God.



AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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