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Slander of the Abolitionist Movement: Part 2

As mentioned in my previous post abolitionism is an ideology that is derived from biblical truths (i.e., God’s word). Another way to describe the abolitionism ideology is to seek to answer the following question:  What does following Jesus look like in a culture that is murdering its children by the thousands every day?  Or similarly answer the question: What does walking the narrow path (an action not just a belief) look like in a world around us that routinely is sacrificing it’s children by the millions every year?

What follows from these questions is what drives the abolitionist to action. Redeemed by Christ, washed in the blood of our Savior, and powered by the Holy Spirit, the Christian-abolitionist seeks to love God and love their neighbor as themselves. That’s abolition.

This is what in a less than perfect way abolitionists everywhere are sharing in the public square at virtually every venue imaginable. By that I mean every public place and event is not exempt from the proclamation of truth that is often viewed, and perhaps rightly so, as agitation. That means the abortion centers, schools, universities, parks, concerts, Saturday markets, political rallies, sporting events, beaches, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, and….yes, church buildings are all valid places of focus because these are the places where our culture worships and spends its time, money and resources. These are the places where our heart lies. These are the places where the hearts and minds of people are contrary to the plight of the unborn child that is murdered by the millions every year.

Agitation is a pejorative term in my opinion but it is really accurate and can be used for good or evil. Agitating to move an individual or group of individuals toward God is a good thing. Agitation done in love is a good thing. That is what abolitionist try and do.

Slander of the abolitionist movement is very real. I have erred on the side of not addressing the slander as I probably should. Here is another video showing the error of Christian leaders who seem to be intentionally seeking to mislead people from the truth. I am sure that some of these men really believe they are doing God’s work by slandering the abolitionists. But as I mentioned in the previous post, regardless of whether the slander is intentional or if it is simply that these Christian leaders are mistaken, we need to make some effort to expose this behavior and speak the truth in love. The take-away here again is to be careful to listen to all the facts and to know that even these well intentioned Christian leaders can be wrong.

AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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