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Seek God While He May Be Found

When I saw that this was 20 minutes long I thought there is no way I am watching this entire thing. But this was very well done and I actually did watch it all.

I didn’t watch the Superbowl halftime show. I never do. I don’t even watch the commercials. I have always known it is normally a disgusting show of God-hating worship. Immoral songs. Immoral dance. And millions of Americans celebrating all the while forgetting the God who made them and bought them with a price.

But this video really exposes the extremes of how much our nation hates God. It exposes how much we celebrate the most vile and inexpressible things. It exposes how much our nation sacrifices its children.

And for people like me who love God and enjoy a football game every now and then, I ask myself how much am I willing to compromise and even hint at supporting such things? How much should I remain unspotted from the world? Mostly? Or 100%?

So I share this maybe not so much to focus on Katy Perry and how she is a puppet of the devil. But more about us as Christians being those who not only remain unspotted from the world as we are commanded in James 1, but that we expose the evils in our midst, be salt and light, be bearers of the bad news and the Good News and that we know that the times are very very evil and we are at war against a lion who seeks to devour you.

Sadly, I don’t think most Christians look any different from most who were celebrating the half-time show. Sadly, most Christians compromise and are spotted by the world. Most Christians ignore and do nothing for the children suffering in their midst. And most are irrelevant to the spiritual war that God has called us to.

I say a good gauge for how relevant you are is what are you doing about child sacrifice? Do you do anything to oppose it? Do you offer any resistance to the enemy leading the least of these to the slaughter? Are you persecuted in any way for your stand against the greatest evil of your age; the legalized torture, dismemberment, burning and poisoning of babies in the womb? Do you spend more time watching football than fighting evil?

If you are the wrong side of those questions, then I plead with you to repent. The bible says that we should “seek the Lord while He may be found”, implying there is time he may not be found. And for some of you it may be past that. God hardened Pharoh’s heart so that he couldn’t even chose to do right because God judged him and he was now a tool to be used to glorify God. The longer we live in rebellion to God the more we risk such judgment.

But we also know that God is a God of patience and long-suffering towards man because He is not desiring that any should perish. In fact He sent His own Son to come and live a perfect and sinless life, then take the punishment of our sin, the payment, the atonement, for our rebellion, wrongs and evil acts all fell on the perfect Son of God. He did that because He loves us even while we were His enemies.

But again, we should not test His patience. We should not see how long He will tarry on our behalf. God hates sin. God hates oppression. God hates apathy about oppression. God will judge us. The time to repent is now. And I speak mostly to the person who thinks He is a Christian but is really no different from the rest of the world. Their Christianity is a form of the real thing but ignores the weightier matters. It is a Christianity that leaves high places on hills that he burns incense to while on Sunday mornings singing praise songs to God. It doesn’t work that way.

And if any of you think I am preaching as a self-righteous arrogant person please think again. Even if I were such a person, my statements are not any less true. Test them against God’s word. Don’t take my word for it.

But the fact is, I am far from self-righteous. I am the most wicked and selfish person of all. I am capable or have committed the worst of all sins. And it is only by Christ that I am made righteous. And I live by faith every day to walk in His ways and follow Him on the Narrow Path. And I too must watch my step and be sure to follow Him because I too can be tempted by all the things of idolatry that so plague our Christian churches.

God says that if you don’t love those you can see how can you love Him who you cannot see? God says that whatever you did for the least of these you did for me. And whatever you did not do for the least of these you did not do for me. God says that many in that day will say, “Lord, Lord we did all these great things in your name…but but” And Jesus will say, “I never knew you. Depart from me you who practice lawlessness.”

These things should frighten us. There should be an appropriate sense of fear of God. But perhaps more importantly, it is our sole duty. It is the rightful place of man to be wholly serving his Maker and Savior. The time is now for us to repent of our apathy of loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves.



AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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