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Repentance Must Start With the Church

Abortion: The one thing few want to bring up when a mother kills her own child by some other means. In a culture that promotes murdering your own child as a responsible choice to solve difficult life problems, why are we shocked when a mother kills her child in an attempt to solve difficult life problems?

Christians in America, we know the answer to this depraved culture is a call to repentance and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Our neighbors are throwing their sons and daughters off of a bridge to their deaths 3,200 times a day in our nation. It’s called abortion on demand. A modern day child sacrifice. Does God require that we address this? Is it a special calling for us to intervene? Or is it our duty to love the oppressed as ourselves?

If your chest does not heave as heavy for the unborn child that is torn to pieces and pitched in the trash every day as it does for this little boy who was tossed off the bridge then pray to God for forgiveness. For if we neglect the least of these, or show preference, we are as guilty as the one who kills them.

I believe it isn’t too late if we repent today. And I mean all of us who claim the name of Christ, who seek to follow Him, who have made a commitment to take up our cross and walk in His steps, who by faith fight to do His will, we must ask God to forgive us and give us His heart on the matter.

God please grant us repentance and move Your people to be zealous and tireless warriors for love, holiness, justice and mercy.

AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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