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Does the “I Regret My Abortion” Campaign Clarify or Confuse Abortion Facts?

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One of the problems with the “I regret my abortion” slogan is that it misses the more important fact that whether or not someone regrets killing their child does not change the fact that it is still killing a child. I am sure the campaign/slogan is meant with good intentions, and I am certain there are many women that “regret” their abortion, but we can obfuscate or confuse the facts on abortion especially in a culture that is bombarded with lies, euphemisms and rationalizations connected to abortion.  I believe it is a huge responsibility of followers of Christ to properly and carefully represent God’s view on abortion to a world that is drowning in the lies about abortion.  That means we stick carefully to Scriptures properly interpreted and properly applied to this modern day genocide.  Making the focus that women regret their abortion is a deviation from this.  Abortion is the shedding of innocent blood.  It is murder. It is sin against God and it destroys a human being that bears the image of God.  That is the major problem.

It is sort of disgusting and disturbing to read an article and to hear someone say, “I don’t regret killing by baby”, but if you think about it is perfectly consistent with a pro-abortion worldview.  In the pro-abortion worldview abortion is not killing a baby, or if it is killing a baby, it is perfectly justified for reasons of personal freedom and choice.  It is a lesser evil at worst in their view.  So when one steps forward and says, “I have no regrets” that should not surprise us at all.  It is still shocking but it is consistent.

I believe that most do “regret” the decision in that they cannot help that their God given conscience that they cannot escape is telling them of their guilt in this act.  I believe that same conscience tells us of our guilt of complicity in such an act and even our guilt of complacency about it.  All of us are guilty of some part in this genocide and need to repent and find forgiveness in Christ alone.

In answer to the question posed by the title of this post, I do believe the “I regret my abortion” campaign confuses things at best and is a dangerous tangent in presentation of the truth about abortion, man’s condition of sin, and the Gospel to save us from that condition.

Actress Amy Brenneman: “I Have Never, Not Once” Regretted Aborting My Baby

AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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