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Pro-Life Movement: Just Doing Things Differently? Or Enemies of Abolition?

Context: Last weekend at the Walk For Life in San Francisco, abolitionists brought a large jumbotron television screen to expose the evil of abortion to the city and to remind the marchers of what it is we fight. For many of the pro-life marchers, they have never seen images of the children murdered by abortion. Even for many of the marchers they are young people from Catholic schools there just for a field trip and they are more pro-choice in their worldview than they are of a biblical worldview. For many of the marchers, they see fighting abortion as the occasional event like listening to some good speakers and then walking down Market Street with a sign that says “We are Pro-life”.

Abolitionists were there that day to not only show the reality of abortion to the many who need to see it, but to plead with the pro-life marchers to consider this evil in the context of God’s word that says we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.

But pro-life leaders saw it differently. Four years ago they tried to block the display with a bedsheets help up on sticks. This year they became more innovative and used a curtain of helium balloons. 
This behavior was exposed in the picture you see with this post and abolitionists are calling this out. A discussion about this ensued…

Rob:  Jesus said said “whoever is not against us is for us.” They may not being doing the way you’d like them to, but it’s better then doing nothing at all. They’re on your side.
Abolitionist Rachel: “11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 5:11
Why wouldn’t they want these deeds exposed? I understand what you’re saying. Unfortunately, the close to 50 years of pro life laws and regulations have become a huge stumbling block to actually getting a bill of abolition to pass. Baby steps have not helped us get any closer to abolishing abortion. We also have to get away from an ‘eventist’ mindset. There’s work to be done daily. Here’s a chance to finally outlaw abortion in TX
Abolitionist Don:  Rob, I wish what you were saying was true. Believe me I do. I worked full-time for a pro-life organization for eight years. Five years ago I left that organization and became an abolitionist. The pro-life leaders do not just have a different way of doing things. For example, in this case, the leaders have gone way out of their way to cover up the evil of abortion. That is not the same as just fighting abortion in a different way. What they are doing here is carrying water for Planned Parenthood who also goes way out of their way to be sure the true reality of abortion remains hidden. Sadly, there is example after example of this kind of behavior that is driven not by God’s word but by what they deem as culturally acceptable.

Four years ago when we first brought the jumbotron display to the Walk’, the same leaders actually wrote a letter to the SFPD telling them that they should not allow us to do our display because it was going to incite riots and cause harm. The city denied our permit because of this letter. We had to file a lawsuit against the city to force them to grant the permit which they had no right to deny.

As a pro-life professional I saw that the pro-life movement is filled with compromising behavior in many different forms. The movement starts from a wrong foundation which may mean well and sound good at first, but leads to unbiblical behavior. Syncretism is a huge problem. The Walk’ just a few years back had as one of its featured speakers the leader of “Atheists for Life”. Frank Pavone almost giddy, introduced this fool (Psalm 14:1) of a speaker. We as abolitionist do not deny that atheists can be opposed to abortion because of course God has written His law even on the unregenerate heart, but we would never make someone who denies the existence of God as a featured speaker to represent our worldview. The Pro-Life leaders seem to miss the important fact that it is the denial of God and therefore the denial that human beings bear His image, that makes abortion acceptable to begin with.

The difference between pro-lifeism and abolitionism are major differences in a worldview at best. And I would argue that the pro-life movement is in sin in many of these cases. So while I am all for getting along with people who just have a different way of doing things, I am not in favor of people who are doing things that are actually giving oxygen to the abortion monster. The things the pro-life movement are guilty of; supporting ideas that deny God and His existence, exposing the evil of abortion itself when Scripture commands us to do such, avoiding calling abortion murder when men and women need to repent of this murder in order to be forgiven, and even opposing the call for complete and total abolition, are not just things that a fellow colleague is doing differently, these are things of an enemy who opposes the mission to see God’s Gospel brought into direct conflict with the holocaust in our land to bring to an end. In other words, the pro-life movement is an active enemy to abolition. It’s hard for me to say. Believe me I don’t say this lightly or in malice or resentment or in some prideful way. I really don’t want to say that. But it is just the facts of what has happened for the last almost half a century and continues to happen until we call it out.

I understand that there are many followers of Christ in the pro-life movement who are just trying to do what they can to love their pre-born neighbors. They understand this is a terrible evil and as a follower of Christ need to intervene. And I believe many of them have simply gone on the default path of joining the pro-life movement. This is in large part because the cultural Christianity of today has completely ignored the obligation to fight this evil. And the pro-life movement has existed as sort of the place for those who have a “special calling” to fight abortion. The church is glad to give those pro-life folks a thumbs up and pat on the back. And so Christians are sort of deceived into thinking this is just the way it is suppose to be.

We are calling Christians to reject this paradigm and embrace a new one that comes from an unbiased an Berean approach of God’s word applied to the situation today. What does walking the Narrow Path look like in a culture that is practicing child sacrifice all around us? And the answer to that put succinctly is an uncompromising position that abortion is murder; SIN, and the only answer to sin is the Gospel. We must call people to repent of that sin and turn to Christ. We must do so the way God’s word directs us. We must do so with the same spirit of the prophets, apostles and Jesus Himself who knew that God was alive, active and working. We must do so with the same spirit of David facing Goliath knowing that God honors those who will not compromise and will fear no evil.

AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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