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A Myth To Dispel: Violence From Pro-Abortion Groups


Let me first say this is not a huge deal to me. Maybe it should be. I don’t know for sure but let’s just say there are bigger problems that occupy my mind a majority of the time. But this is one that has been brought up a lot lately and I need to set the record straight.

There is a belief, I am hearing usually from left-leaning folks that they are not violent against those they disagree with. There is a belief that those of a liberal political persuasion, are mostly peaceful people and models of tolerance.  This I am sorry to say is simply false.

First of all, if you are a group that supports abortion, then by definition you are violent. The evidence that abortion is an act of violence against a baby is overwhelming. Because the culture has trivialized it or normalized it or called it something less than violent does not change reality. Abortion is about the most violent act that exists. And this is the problem that keeps me awake at night.

The truth of abortion displayed in Hallidie Plaza, San Francisco, CA.

The truth of abortion displayed in Hallidie Plaza, San Francisco, CA.

That being said, for 13 years I have been actively involved in work that exposes abortion in the public square. Most of that time has been spent on college campuses, high schools and city squares. Almost without exception we have to take precautions to protect ourselves against violence or acts of vandalism to censor us or shut us down. Often times, police protection is required for our activities.

The latest example I can cite is our visit to San Francisco. We brought a jumbtron display to Hallidie Plaza at Fifth and Market where the cable car turn around is located. The jumbotron displayed videos of prenatal imagery, abortion imagery, graphics to display statistics, words to communicate facts, and it also played audio to go along with the videos. We also had a microphone to give speeches.

First of all, let me back up slightly and say that if you understand the first amendment of our constitution and what it is intended to protect, you would know that the content of our speech is irrelevant. I only share it so you know that all we were showing were facts. All we were speaking were arguments supporting the indisputable reality of the taking of innocent lives by abortion in our nation. For those who support abortion, not exclusive to but typically a belief of those of left-leaning politics, we were simply displaying speaking about the very thing they support and claim is a right. But regardless of the content of our speech, the first amendment protects our right to speak and display our worldview in the public square.

If those who oppose us are so peaceful and so supportive of our right to free speech, why did it require so many police around us to protect us? If it is some so called minority, or just a few bad apples, why would require dozens of police to surround us and protects us? Why would San Francisco Police think it necessary to go to such an extreme?

I will tell you why and you know the answer. It is simply because it isn’t a minority of those who support the killing of children that are also willing to support violence against those trying to stop the killing.

11 Weeks-First Trimester

11 Weeks-First Trimester

To be clear, I am not saying that there is a majority of left-leaning folks who are willing to punch me in the face. But there is a large number who are perfectly fine with that action and in fact encourages it by their cheering but most often through tacit approval. If these folks are so committed to peaceful protest, then where is the resounding condemnation against those who thwart that peaceful protest? The fact is, they don’t care if a protest is violent against those who disagree with them. And again, if someone is willing to use violence against a baby to do as they please, then why not punch someone in the face to get your way?

Like I said, it isn’t a huge deal and I don’t lose sleep over the issue of violence against me. But I have grown a little weary lately of the denial and the lack of ownership that pro-abortion and left-leaning folks have regarding this issue. At least admit it and own it. Your side is okay with using violence against the innocent and helpless.

If you disagree with violence against the innocent then first of all, stop supporting the violence of abortion. And second of all, stop supporting violence against those who speak out against abortion.

If you don’t care that guys like me and my sons, or ladies like my wife and daughters, get beat up because we speak the truth, then at least admit that. At least be honest. You don’t care. Or you think we deserve it because our speech isn’t popular. That’s fine. Well it isn’t fine but at least you are honest.

Admit you are not tolerant of other points of view. Admit that you think some speech isn’t free and should be restricted with violence. Admit that the first amendment doesn’t apply to everyone.  Just stop pretending. And stop saying that the violence from the left is from a very small minority. One million plus children are violently murdered by abortion every year in our country and a huge majority of people are okay with that. That is not a peaceful majority.

-Abolitionist Don Cooper

AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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