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No Compromise With Abortion

Dear All who oppose abortion, recognize it as the murder of a defenseless orphan, and believe it ought to be abolished NOW:

In the coming months, the pro-life movement leaders will present to you presidential candidates that they will endorse as “pro-life”. These candidates however, in well keeping in the tradition of the pro-life movement for the past 42 years, will not be candidates who will lead this country to abolish abortion NOW. They will instead tell you that now is not the time, the nation is not ready, and all we can get now is the same thing we could get 42 years ago.

Please do not go along with this lie. If everyone who said they were in favor of abolishing abortion now actually behaved as such, we would have more than enough resources to end this holocaust now. And even if God had not provided all of the talents He has to bring to bare on this injustice, He alone is more than sufficient.

Make the decision now that you will no longer appease evil to bring an end to evil. Do not accept a standard that came about by surveying what the culture will accept today, but instead agree with God’s standard and do not waiver. Tell those around you to do the same.

Don’t expect to win many friends. Those who seek to please God before men never make lots of friends. But know that it is through such a faithful stance of a few that God moves to slay giants, free slaves, destroy armies, and even conquer death.

I myself am done siding with a position that compromises God’s precepts. I will no longer be on the losers team. I am done following leaders who do not run to win the race, but instead run only as far and fast as their opponents tell them they can run.

Be different. Be radical. Be faithful. Be uncompromising with evil. When God’s people start acting like God’s people, abortion will be abolished.

AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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