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When Does Murder Ever Become An Option For Treatment?


“But the midwives feared God, and did not do as the king of Egypt commanded them, but saved the male children alive.” – Exodus 1:17

The Hebrew midwives risked their lives by disobeying Pharaoh in order to save the children and we commend them for it today. When women love their children, it is a beautiful thing.

Often we hear from anti-abolitionists that abortion is necessary to save the life of the mother. This argument is more often than not a disingenuous one aimed at distracting from the real motive which is a sense of entitlement for abortion in order to live a sinful lifestyle. It could be summarized as, “I am entiteled, for my own pleasure, to engage in the very thing that makes babies, and I am also entitled, if I do make a baby, to kill my baby if I don’t want her.”  In my experince, the logic is used equally by both mothers and fathers.

In the last presidential debate Hillary Clinton made a passionate plea that women need abortion such that she made it sound like they have no choice in the matter stating with emotion, these are the “most intimate”, “most difficult”, and “most personal decisions”. That woman really loves abortion.

And even ignorant and incompetent OBGYN’s are pushing abortion to pregnant moms with illnesses or complications simply to cover their rear ends from malpractice suits or “wrongful birth” law suits. Yes, there are lawsuits for “wrongful birth”. Disgusting.

To these doctors, it is much safer to recommend murdering the child then it is for them to take that risk of losing their practice. And sadly, many moms are deceived and scared and go along with the “doctor knows best” logic. This is all the fruit of our culture dehumanizing the pre-born child and tolerating their murder for so long.

Regardless of the genuine or not so genuine nature of this “life of the mother” argument, think for a moment about this. When would murdering a child ever become an option for medical treatment of another person? The answer is of course never and the idea that abortion is necessary in some cases to save the life of the mother starts with the assumption that the pre-born child isn’t a worthy human being made in the image of God.

When we start with the facts namely that the pre-born child is indeed a human being deserving of protection and care, we see that murder is never an option. We see that in the case of medicine and treatment of a mother who is pregnant involves two patients not one. Even if the risks are high in some cases, what mother does not love her child to take those risks?

Easy for me to say right? After all I don’t have a uterus and probably could never have one despite the great efforts of our LGBQTwhatever groups who would say I have the right to have a uterus. But I digress…

Ripley and Newt

Ripley and Newt



We know it is a loving and noble thing that mothers risk their lives and even sometimes give their lives for their children. We know this in our conscience that God has written on our hearts.

I think of some of my favorite movies like “Aliens” where Ripley risks all to rescue Newt. Or in another one of my all time favorites, “Missing”, where Maggie (played by Cate Blanchet) pursues a brutal clan of killers who kidnap her daughter to sell her as a sex slave. (Just a little side note, in both these movies the women use firearms to level the playing field against their attackers and kick butt. It’s awesome. So much for Hollywood’s anti-self-defense agenda.)

These stories are fiction but they hit on something we all know in our hearts is true and inspiring and that is that a mother’s love for her child is rightly a sacrificial and selfless love. Perhaps a blog for another time because I digress again…

If we stick to the facts, we see that the narrative of the certainty of a mother dying because of her pregnancy is really a false narrative.

The article I am attaching here and sharing is now 20 years old but that makes it even more powerful today. With the continued advances in OBGYN, prenatal and premie care we intuitively know this to be so.

Never forget that when we treat the pre-born child like the real human being that they are, the rest of the behavior follows from there. In other words, I doubt that our culture, including the medical community, would be so ignorant of the facts, if the dehumanization of the baby in the womb and the trivialization of murder in the womb were not so prevalent and tolerated.

Come against these lies every day in every way that you can and be rabidly intolerant of this modern day child sacrifice.

Be active and consistent in your witness for Christ and your witness against abortion. (Luke 10, Matthew 28, Ephesians 5, James 1). I highly recommend the tools that are offered here that are a huge help.

There are many actions to do this but first and foremost get involved in your local abolitionist society or start one. Get your fellowship of other Christ-followers to join you.

Repent of your apathy and get in the fight.

This is a long introduction to this article. This is one of my favorites that I like reading over and over. I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Goodwin once. A good man and I wish that we had more men like him in this world. He has since passed away but I look forward to meeting him again in Heaven. Read this excellent piece written by a man who specialized in “high risk pregnancies” and see for yourself the facts related to the “life of the mother” abortion exception:

“Medicalizing Abortion Decisions” by the late Dr. Thomas Murphy Goodwin

AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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