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Is God Impressed With Our Marching?


Calling to “Defund Planned Parenthood” will not criminalize abortion. Saying “not with my wallet” will not persuade the culture that abortion is a brutal act of violence against a baby and must be abolished now. It could be argued that these cries instead lend credibility to the possibility that abortion is not something that should be criminalized at all.

When the largest pro-life event of the year happens, and the slogans most heard from this event are “Defund Planned Parenthood” or “Abortion Hurts Women” or “I am pro-life” or “I regret my abortion”, rather than an overwhelming cry that abortion murders children and must be abolished now, doesn’t that seem like a problem?

I don’t mean to be that stick in the mud on this day, but today’s march may in fact do absolutely nothing to bring this nation closer to abolishing abortion and it may in fact just make it that much harder to abolish.

I don’t enjoy saying that at all. The “pro-life generation” must understand that the enemy will not give up this ground without a fight. And a march once a year, filled with weak slogans, none of which call abortion what it is, none of which call to abolish the evil, will never end abortion. I don’t like saying this at all. And I hope that God’s people will wake-up and that it will not take another 44 years to understand this. If God would even tarry that long.

Our demand must no longer be one based on what we think the culture will accept right now. Our demand must no longer be what we think most people would agree with. Our demand must be for complete justice. Our demand must be one that calls abortion murder and it is therefore against our Constitution regardless of what the Supreme Court said 44 years ago. Our demand must be for all godly people of conscience to stand up and hold all of our leaders accountable. That means our pastors, legislators, congressman, mayors, sheriffs, etc….All of them must be held accountable to no longer allow the murder of children in the womb.

For the last 44 years the predominant forces in the pro-life movement have either been so passive they are virtually non-existent, or they exist but only to lose over and over. The pro-life movement has become like a really bad football team that each year says, well maybe we can get a few first downs, instead of saying, we are here to win a championship. They are losers every year and there is no answer as to how that will change. Instead they rabidly defend the old traditions and ask, “Where were you when I was first in this fight?”

And meanwhile the organized churches look on and are happy to each year give their thumbs up and pat on the back to the weirdo pro-life person in their church who is just trying to do something to stop the killing. The churches are glad to contract out this ministry opportunity because it really isn’t one that will draw people in on Sundays. After all, they are tying to get people into the kingdom. You can’t get too political or contentious. People don’t like that.

And so each year we repeat the same cycles. We feel good on the march and talk about how many people were there. And we talk about how this celebrity or this politician actually came and gave a speech at the event as if that is any comfort to the children that will be dismembered tomorrow. As if that will do anything to get us closer to ending this evil. As if God is really impressed with this.

Where are the people who actually believe that this is a fight worth fighting and fighting not just once a year but every day? Where are the pastors who will understand that to preach God’s word and to not do it is a sin? Where are those elders that understand that Christians ought to fight abortion because it is simply an issue that involves loving a fellow human being who is severely oppressed and is no different than the beating victim in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

I do not believe the reformation of the corrupt or misguided pro-life movement will happen within the leadership of that movement. I pray that it would but I am not holding my breath. No the change will happen when the honest pro-life person wakes up to the fact that the leaders are not following God’s word but rather are more governed by secular pragmatism. The change will happen when the honest pro-life Christian who really is seeking to follow Jesus which also means loving his neighbor as himself, will see that the pro-life movement is not trying to win this thing but instead look for ways to get along.

The change will not happen when pastors wake up either. I pray that pastors would wake up and hope for that. But I am not holding my breath on that either. In the last 15 years of countless meetings with pastors at every level I see a great fear of man which manifests itself in the idea that if you are upsetting someone you must be doing something wrong. They somehow forget that Jesus and the Apostles were upsetting people everywhere they went. I have seen countless pastors tell me they are with us but are just going to focus on something else. These pastors and elders have extremely cold hearts such that they are able to somehow ignore the fact that children often time only blocks away from their building, are being butchered every day.

In my own community, the largest church in our county which is also one of the largest in our nation, a good church, a good pastor who preaches good sermons, held a fundraiser at the Chipotle next door to our local abortion provider. No sense that maybe it is the wrong place to do such a thing.

This same pastor, good pastor, good preacher, loves the “Lord”, also told myself and other abolitionists that we are wasting our time in our efforts, that there are countless other social ills people want him to fight, that there are enough ministries fighting abortion so they don’t need to, and then later threatened to tow our vehicles because we parked in their stadium sized parking lot.

Some of you probably think I am making this stuff up or exaggerating. I wish that I was. I really do. But the fact is the pro-life movement is full of corruption and men who have lost their way. They have forgotten their first love. And the pastors are equally in a bad state. You may not know it but I challenge you to challenge your pastor on abortion. Ask him what your church is doing to abolish this great evil. You might be surprised at the creative answers they come up with that in the final analysis equate to “we will do nothing to fight abortion.”

No the change will come from the man or woman who in their time on their knees before God and meditation on His word realize the simple truth that God hates the shedding of innocent blood, that God desires above all that we do justice and mercy and NOT neglect the weightier matters of the law, that God wants His people to be salt and light according to His precepts, and this man or woman will then in the power of the Holy Spirit in them, rise up and go against the status quo, reject the traditions of man made religion or of a failed pro-life movement and will rise up and speak the truth in love. They will be that person who will lose friendships and hate their mother and father compared to loving Christ.

My fear is that it is too late for our nation. We have been killing our children for 44 years and the death toll is now at 60 million or more. It is so bad we have gotten used to is. Abortion is the norm. Child sacrifice is so much a way of life that even our churches don’t care enough to do anything. It seems inevitable that God will judge us. But regardless of what happens, we do know that we must repent of our indifference toward those who have no voice and are lead to the slaughter every day. Even if it is too late for America, each of us has no less of an obligation before God to repent and do what is right.

I do have hope that we can by God’s grace actually abolish abortion. I do believe that it will likely take a great sacrifice by each person. I do believe this is a cross each of us must bear in some way. A personal cross and a corporate cross. A cross not an easy chair.

Please pro-life person, no longer accept the old idea of compromise to get what we can and celebrate that. It is truly a treadmill to nowhere. Please pro-life person no longer go along with the leaders who behind the scenes are actually fighting those people who are demanding total abolition. Pro-life person, be sure that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Body you are functioning with. I do not think the pro-life movement is lead by the Head. If so, is Jesus then denying His own word when the pro-life movement endorses exceptions to murder? How could it be that the movement lead by Christ would be the same movement that says you can murder your child as long as they don’t feel pain? Reject this movement and instead follow Christ and His word alone.

44 years is way too long for us to figure this out. 60 million lives snuffed out is not cause for us to celebrate with smiles and laughs at a march. No we should all have sackcloth and ashes heaped on our heads. It is cause for us to know we must turn back to God and stand up against this evil every day in a way that is 100% consistent with His word.

Tomorrow 3,000 children will be murdered by abortion and today’s march will be cold comfort for them. The day after that 3,000 more will be tortured to death, and they won’t care about our march. And the day after that, and the day after that…until we march again next year? May it never be! Enough of this awful game. It’s time you abandon the pro-life ideas of compromise and exceptions. It’s time you settle only for complete and total abolition. It’s time you daily bring the Gospel into conflict with the evil of abortion. Shining the truth of Jesus Christ’s good news on this evil. Call men and women everywhere you can to repent and turn to Him. It’s time you speak without shame that abortion is indeed murder and nobody has a right to do such a thing. No compromise of God’s word. No compromise with the killing of children. No longer wait for the right time. The time for justice is now. The time for you to speak for justice is now.

God’s word tells us to run as if we are running for the prize. Not second place. Not to save just a few. Not to feel good on the day we march. No He is calling us to fight to win. He is calling us to do justly, and to love mercy. He is calling us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength! Everything. He is calling us to actually believe He will slay the giant. I don’t want to play at this. God help me to not play at this. I want to win. Who is with me?

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AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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