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Crystal Chavez

Crystal Chavez, the oldest of four daughters, resides in Vancouver, WA with her Mom and three sisters. She enjoys sustainable gardening, hikes, her dog and three cats and preparing great tasting healthy food.

Crystal grew up in an abusive and oppressive home until the age of 17, when her mom along with her three sisters, fled from her father in 2012. Growing up being inundated with the dehumanizing and debilitating lies, she struggled with the idea that she was not worthless, and not “just a thing to fulfill a functional value.”

She began meeting with a biblical counselor soon after leaving the oppressive and authoritarian family structure, and began her long healing journey. After about a year of grueling heart-work, a close friend of Crystal’s, who was pregnant and due any day, suddenly lost her baby.

Crystal explains, “Experiencing this alongside my friend was traumatic, but also confusing for me as I witnessed people’s sometimes flippant and hurtful responses to the death of this baby, ‘Don’t worry you both are young, I am sure you will have another.,’ or, ‘I am sorry, but I would have thought you would have been over this by now.,’ etc.”

Later that year Crystal attended the abolitionist “All On Fire Conference” that was hosted in 2013 in Portland, OR. Passionately, she describes this pivotal moment, “During my time at this conference I was struck with the message that the slaughter of my pre-born neighbors was wrong, not because they can feel pain, not because abortion is disturbing visually, but because my pre-born neighbors are made in the Image of God (Imago Dei) and therefore have inherent worth. Babies in the womb are being dehumanized by our culture, both those wanted and not wanted, that is why I was confused over the various comments I heard in regards to my friend’s loss of her baby. But what struck me the most was that I was also guilty of dehumanizing babies in the womb through my apathy towards the plight of my pre-born neighbors.” Immediately, she began actively going out in her community and speaking with friends, family and acquaintances to bring the power of the Gospel into conflict with the evil of abortion.

Crystal continues, “During my journey of repentance, taking out the lies and replacing them with God’s Truths and being transformed by those Truths, I began to realize my inherent worth as an image bearer of God as well as the Imago Dei of all people.” In 2014 to be better equipped to share the Gospel and walk alongside those dealing with tough life circumstances and healing work, she enrolled in Vancouver Bible Institute’s two-year Certified Biblical Counseling program, which she will graduate from in the spring of 2017.

Crystal regularly engages in events and functions with Vancouver Abolitionist Society. When she is not out agitating the culture and sharing the Gospel on the streets, she is meeting with girls and young women for biblical counseling, working with her Mom and business partner in their bookkeeping business or helping with the homeschooling of her younger sisters.