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Christianity, Islam and What Makes a Worldview Dangerous?

Is Islam really a dangerous religion? If so why?  Is it not true that all religions have done bad things? Are some religions worse than others or are they all the same?

These questions are discussed and Don Cooper gives an answer to them.

Summary: Jesus is the only way to God. He is God. And any religion that denies this truth is evil and dangerous.



You know how you feel when you have to explain something that is like explaining 1+1=2? That’s how feel right now about this. Partly. Either Obama is just a complete idiot or he is big fat liar or just plain evil or all of the above. I honestly think he is of the latter category and half the country that voted for him is probably the same.

That being said, let’s explain why “1+1=2” and point out the huge lie and error that Obama is saying here.

To say that many did evil things in the name of Christ is to say almost nothing. In the context of the debate about ISIS this is about the fundamental religion that drives them. Of course anybody can do any wicked thing in the name of any religion. But the question is are they behaving in a way that is consistent with the fundamentals or foundation of that religion?

For example, it is true that some justified slavery in this nation by quoting passages from the bible. But make no mistake at all. This was heresy and complete twisting of the Scriptures. This was not something of uncertainty about what God’s word says. And this was called out by the abolitionists who understood clearly that Christianity teaches that all men are created in the image of God and that oppression of any man is wrong. This is no secret. This is not some advanced biblical knowledge. This is the clear foundation of Christianity and is the reason why slavery was rabidly opposed by anyone.

So to equate evils done “in the name of Christ” as a legitimate argument to say that Christianity is a violent religion is completely insane and ridiculous. Or to say that many evils have been done in the name of Christ, and therefore Islam and Christianity are equally true or morally equivalent is deceptive and wrong.

Islam’s founder was violent. Islam’s book of fundamentals promotes “Jihad” and such behavior as we have seen from the beginning until now. Violent behavior in the name of “Allah” is consistent with the religion.

This is completely the opposite of Christianity. Christianity was not founded by lions. Christianity was founded by Christians being fed to lions. And those who came afterwards and committed violence in the name of Christ, were false and INconsistent with the foundation of Christianity.

So its not the same you liar. And stop trying to deceive people.

What Obama is doing is trying to minimize what is going on in current events. He is trying to promote some form of religious pluralism and moral equivalence of Christianity and Islam or more generally of good and evil. Mr. Obama-Bin-Lyin is calling good evil and evil good. Make no mistake people this is exactly what he is doing.

But here is my main point, putting Islam aside for the moment, ANY religion or worldview that denies that Christ is God, that salvation and forgiveness of sins is in HIM ALONE, and that HE is Lord, King and God over all creation is a lie and comes from the pit of Hell.

This is not because I said so. This is because it is the truth and the Truth (John14:6), Jesus Christ Himself and His apostles said so. Jesus said He is God. Jesus performed miracles in front of many. Jesus rose people from the dead. Jesus forgave people of their sins. Jesus lived a perfect and sinless life. Jesus has existed eternally from the beginning and was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of a virgin. Jesus fulfilled the prophesies that were written hundreds and thousands of years before His incarnation that tell not only of his lineage but of what He would do and fulfill.

Jesus was willingly tortured to death on a cross on behalf of those who hated Him in front of thousands of witnesses. Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to many afterwards. Jesus’s tomb was and is empty.

That being said, when any religion denies these truths anything is possible in the realm of evil. Islam is wrong for these very reasons and the fruit that comes from the fundamentals of Islam is what we have seen for the past 1400 years and today. Violence. Perversion. Oppression. It’s founder exhibited this fruit and so does its followers.

This is not to say that all people who claim to be followers of Islam behave consistent with its founders. I am certain many do not. Because all people are made in God’s image, and even the unregenerate soul has His laws written on his heart, and by general revelation we have some sense of who the true God is, many “Muslims” are bothered to follow fundamental Islam. As they should be.

But that is not the point here. The point here, and that Obama is trying to mislead people on, is that the fundamentals of the religion of Islam and Christianity could not be more different. AND, do not miss this point, worldviews MATTER. Your ideas matter. Words that represent those ideas matter. These are things that are either true or false. These are things that lead to life or death.

To make this point further, if we were to try and quantify the body count of what worldview is responsible for the most deaths it actually would not be Islam but it would have to be Atheism. If we consider people like Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung, the government-type and fruit that resulted from that worldview; they murdered magnitudes more than any other. Hundreds of millions of human beings slaughtered under the atheism worldview. A worldview that denies the existence of God and that human beings are made in His image results in this.

In fact, that is why America kills millions of its own children through abortion every year. Our nation’s government and most of its people reject God, reject Christ, and reject His precepts. Therefore we can argue that its justifiable to kill some people, in the case of abortion the very young, who have no voice or defense and are in the way of what we want…our lives consumed with self and pleasure. Idolatry.

Obama and his voters are people who reject God and His ways. I fear for our nation. If you think for a moment that there will not be a reckoning that God will bring upon us for the blood we have shed then you have your head in the sand. If you think that as we go to battle against ISIS or any other, that we have God on our side think again. We should fear God far more than ISIS. We have made the God of the universe our enemy.

God will not bless a nation full of idolatry and bloodshed. He will almost surely not show favor to a nation that sacrifices its children by the thousands daily on the alter of self and pleasure. He just won’t.

Mr. Obama, you need to repent. I think it might be too late for you. Your heart is hard and wicked. You may have been judged already. Our nation may be judged already. But if you have ears to hear and eyes to see, turn to the One true living God, Jesus Christ, and repent of your sins, put your faith in Him alone, and follow Him as master of your life.

AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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