Abolition Now Podcast
Christ-centered ministry committed to defend the preborn and share the gospel.
defend the preborn, share the gospel, abolitionist, abolitionism
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Abolition Now Podcast


Episode 13: Shock and surprise, the most tolerant city in America was intolerant of those who disagreed with the conventional views of the city. Hear some of Don's thoughts and comments on the matter in this episode of Abolition Now. http://media.blubrry.com/abolitionnow/content.blubrry.com/abolitionnow/Abolitionists_In_Seattle.mp3...


Don sets the recored straight as to what it means to say that "World Life is an abolitionist organization". Why World Life seeks to function with abolitionist principles and to encourage other groups and individuals to do the same.     http://media.blubrry.com/abolitionnow/content.blubrry.com/abolitionnow/Why_World_Life_Is_An_Abolitionist_Organization.mp3...


Episode 10: Late Term Abortion Reality and Other Abolitionist Topics Topics: Late term abortion reality and what about it is important. Using cameras in the public square: unreasonable or not? What is it that is really extreme? The Constitution: Who interprets it and who or what is supreme? http://media.blubrry.com/abolitionnow/content.blubrry.com/abolitionnow/Late_Term_Abortion_Reality_-_And_Other_Topics.mp3...