Don Cooper, Author at World Life
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Author:Don Cooper

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If you have not visited the website recently, then you ought to go there and spend some time browsing around. There are some Christians that lay heavy criticism on the abolitionist movement, but rarely do they explain in a coherent and rational way why. Rarely...

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A lot goes through my mind when I see a video like this and what comments to make when sharing it. Putting aside disagreements on strategy or tactics. Putting aside disagreements on the pros and cons of organized non-profits fighting abortion. Let me just get...


If you have never read the incredible piece of literature called "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe, then let me implore you to do so now. This story written to speak abolitionist truth on the evil of slavery, is so applicable today it is...


Don sets the recored straight as to what it means to say that "World Life is an abolitionist organization". Why World Life seeks to function with abolitionist principles and to encourage other groups and individuals to do the same.