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Angry Homosexual Kicks Christian Customers Out of Coffee Shop


Warning: Profanity and Offensive Language

In Seattle abolitionists were kicked out of a coffee shop for no reason other than their behavior outside the coffee shop was offensive to the gay coffee shop owner. So much for tolerance. I would argue that this coffee shop owner actually has the “right” to serve whoever he pleases or deny service to whoever he pleases. However the obvious hypocrisy of this behavior is ridiculous. If the roles were reversed, Christian coffee shop owner and homosexual customers, then the coffee-shop owners would be facing a law-suit and be put out of business AND the culture would celebrate the “justice” of shutting down the bigoted and intolerant Christians.

Even if the roles were reversed it isn’t the same. In Portland owners of a bakery were sued of their life-savings and their bakery completely put out of business because they refused to make a cake for a ceremony they rightly viewed as immoral and an offense to God. This is very different from denying serving a gay couple who merely wanted to enjoy coffee or a muffin in their shop. In fact, this Christian couple served all people in their shop. What they refused to do was to be part of an immoral ceremony. Christians are not denying service to homosexuals, just participation in ceremonies that are sexually immoral. Perhaps a subtle, but significant difference in my mind.

The coffee shop owner attempts to make a parallel example of the intolerance of Christians in their unwillingness to view him performing anal sex in public to his intolerance of viewing the abolitionists paying for coffee and peacefully sitting in the shop. Does anyone see there is a big difference here? There are actually laws probiting sexual acts and pornography in public and rightly so. I am not aware of what criminal behavior the abolitionists were exhibiting in this coffee shop let alone anywhere else in Seattle. There are some things that we indeed should not tolerate. Killing babies is one. And public sodomy is probably another. Paying for a good cup of coffee? I think that is okay to tolerate.

Then the angry coffee shop owner says he would perform anal sex on Jesus if he could.  No commentary on that.

Another comment worthy to make here is that it is very unusual for Christians to be booted out of a coffee shop such as Bedlam Coffee in Seattle. This might be because Christians rarely do such bold activism to invite this discrimination. Something to think about the state of our saltiness and brightness today. More to follow.


WARNING: Foul and offensive language.

AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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