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Abolitionism Gaining Momentum Across The Country

Abolish Abortion Ohio

Every minute, every hour, every day, …we keep demanding total and immediate abolition and justice for all human beings, we see more and more momentum gained and more people of conscience being drawn by the tide of abolition. In Ohio, there is a movement of abolition taking hold as pro-life people begin to rethink the last four decades of the predominant ideology.

I am also noticing less tolerance of compromise and a greater willingness to call out the compromise and fear in pro-life politicians and leaders. I am seeing this among even the pro-life leaders who have been more than resistant to the abolitionist movement but cannot help to be influenced by its truth.

If you are one who is a follower of Christ, you hate the shedding of innocent blood, see the plight of the pre-born child as a “love your neighbor” issue, and you have been calling yourself “pro-life” and following the mainstream pro-life movement by default, then I want to seriously challenge you to consider making a deliberate and formal rejection of this default path of pro-life ideology and behavior and instead embrace the abolitionist ideology and BE an abolitionist.

There is a difference. I know because I was one who formally worked in the pro-life movement and now I am an abolitionist. Yes there is overlap in some ideas and behavior but it is the differences that REALLY matter. A lot! It is the difference between life and death. It is the difference between ending the holocaust now or never ending it.

I say all of this not because we are trying to gain popularity and “increase our numbers” so we can build our own kingdom. I say this because I see it as biblical, right and what God desires for all people.

I have nothing to gain by “recruiting” prospective abolitionists to “my” movement or “organization”. My motivation is to share what I believe to be true, good and pleasing to God.

It’s great to see more and more people make this switch not just for the sake of the pre-born who we defend and rescue, but for the sake of those who become abolitionists and are doing what is right in God’s eyes.

Do not compromise with murder. Do not accept deals that appear to be good but are just another form of discrimination. Do not accept secular pragmatism that has produced the fruit of a higher kill rate, with that of biblical principle that always produces the fruit of justice and life.

Join us in the fight to abolish the killing of all human beings by the practice of abortion. The time for “justice for ALL” is always now.

#abolishhumanabortion #heartbeatbill #20weekban #ageism

Keep watch for initiatives and petitions like the one in Ohio which are popping up in states across the country:

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AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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