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Abolish Human Abortion movement reaches out to local high schools in the form of a project called Project Frontlines. Abolitionist Don Cooper shares his thoughts on the importance of this project and answers some of the common objections to education and agitation activities at high schools.
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Abolition Basics Project Frontlines Update

Project Frontlines

As abolitionists we believe that no place in the public square is exempt from our efforts of agitation and assistance to eventually bring abortion to an end. In the words of William Lloyd Garrison,

“Henceforth I am ready on all days, on all convenient occasions, in all suitable places, before any sect or party, at whatever perils to my person, character or interest, to plead the cause of my colored countrymen in particular, or of human rights in general. For this purpose, there is no day too holy, no place improper, no body of men too inconsiderable to address….”

Almost without exception there is an argument made against us, if you can even call it an argument, that our presence in location X, is just the wrong place for us to be. Or it is the wrong time. Or it is both. We are forever told we should be somewhere else.

What seems to be forgotten, or at least there seems to be an attempt to make us forget, is that there is a realslaughter of real people happening every day in our land. The sense of urgency has been lost on many and there seems to be a belief that there are efforts to save these children that are just too radical or too zealous. There seems to be a sentiment that the time and place to fight for the lives of the pre-born is sometime later and some place else.

At the high schools this argument often comes in the form of this objection, “How dare you show these ugly pictures to my child!” There is a very distorted an upside down mindset that the possibility of upsetting someone’s high school aged son or daughter is a greater evil than the certainty of the dismemberment of someone else’s pre-born child. In other words, in the economy of many high school parents, the feelings of their born son or daughter, trumps the life of another’s pre-born son or daughter.


AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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