44 Years Since Roe v. Wade: It's Time For the Paradigm to Shift | World Life
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44 Years Since Roe v. Wade: It’s Time For the Paradigm to Shift


The struggle of fighting great evils is not a new one. God’s church has been defending the down trodden,  fatherless and widow for 2000 plus years. But what is also not new to the struggle is the temptation to compromise with the evil. Today, and every day, we as abolitionists call for God’s people to wake up and turn from our apathy about our pre-born neighbor and to no longer accept compromise which shows itself in the form of regulations on murder. We are calling God’s people to no longer accept the idea that we should put our finger to the wind and only ask for what we think we can get now or what we think the culture is ready for. The time for justice is always now! Always now! No longer believe what some pastors, pro-life leaders and many others have told you that we ought to focus on regulation instead of total abolition. The prophets, apostles and Jesus Himself were uncompromising on justice and mercy and trusted first and foremost in the providence of God and not the pragmatism of men. Join us as abolitionists. The paradigm is changing! By God’s grace and power, we as His Body, the Church can abolish human abortion and see justice and mercy in our land. We as abolitionists can declare the life saving power of the Gospel to a nation that must turn before it is too late. Help us today to bring the light of the Gospel into bold conflict with the evil of abortion. #wakeupchurch #abolishhumanabortion

AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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