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Gun-Control, Mental Illness, – Avoiding the Real Issue

It seems like the discussion about “gun-control” or “mental-illness” and the related topics all skirt around and avoid the obvious and that is that human-beings, while made in the image of God and of inherent worth, are wicked and evil and in need of redemption by God. 

It seems that the topic of sin is rarely if at all mentioned in the interviews of all the experts around the country.

It seems like the effort to avoid this is consistent with what most of the world clings to and that is the idea that there is no God or if there is a God we are not accountable to Him or in need of Him at all. If we start talking about the real problem in our culture and the real reason why people murder other people, then we start talking about sin and the only solution to our sin and that is forgiveness and freedom in Christ.

While most of the people seem to have enough of the internal controls to not go out and murder born people with a firearm or other weapon, the truth is that we are all guilty of sins of the worst sort. We know this to be true. We are liars. We are thieves. We are proud. We are selfish. We have impure thoughts. We cheat. We are haters. Let’s be honest here right?

It is also important to note that while we condemn the somewhat rare individual who will go into a classroom and murder people, according to the Center for Disease control, about 1 out of every 3 women in America will murder one or more of their children by abortion. And of course each of these children have fathers, men, who are guilty first of objectifying women for their satisfaction, and then abandoning their offspring to a paid killer. Then there are the parents who pressure their daughter to abort their grandchild. Then there are the pastors who advise their members that child sacrifice is an acceptable option in God’s eyes. Then there are the countless who pass by on the other side of the road to avoid their neighbor who is being murdered. My point here is that our whole nation is guilty of murder.

But there is a fantasy that the left and the right wants to cling to and that is that we are not all that bad. And if we just enact this or that law and/or do this or that mental-health-care thing, we can then protect us good people from those really bad people. Then we can get back to being the greatest nation in the world…the home of the brave and land of the free.

But this is not reality. If we are honest with ourselves and with each other, we know that we are all very wicked people who are need of God’s mercy and grace. We need to not only be forgiven of our sins, but we must also be set free from the bondage of sin that rules us. And unless you have been freed by Christ, make no mistake you are a slave to sin.

But then again, we are back to this God-stuff and guilt and spiritual things. And we just can’t go there can we?

Well as for me and my house we do and will continue to go there. We will proclaim the truth that all human-beings have rebelled against their Creator who is a perfectly loving and perfectly just God. And unless we cry out to Him to save us, and repent of our sin, agree with God, we are slaves to the devil and capable of any sort of evil.

I am not advocating complacency about the sin and evil that runs rampant about us. But I am not surprised when the news reports that a wolf entered a field full of sheep and killed them. I am saddened and it breaks my heart when human beings made in God’s image to serve and glorify Him are killed by another. But I am no more surprised of this then I am surprised that a quarterback threw a pass last night. I am not going to sit by and shrug and say, “Oh well, our country is going to Hell in a hand basket. Come Lord Jesus.” But rather I am going to serve my King knowing that this darkness all about me can only be redeemed by the One True Light.

I am all for laws that reflect justice and truth. I am all for medicines that help people. But make no mistake that the true problem of murder in America is not a legislation or medical problem. It is a sin problem that can only be cured by The Physician.

Tomorrow morning myself and other abolitionists will be going out to one of our local high schools to share the truth about the Gospel and to come against the lies regarding abortion in our land. This is something we have been trying to do more often. This is one of many places any follower of Christ can go to proclaim the truth.

When we consider that young people in our country have been raised in a place that has made peace with the idea that murdering children is a viable option at best or a lesser evil at worst in order to handle “difficult life circumstances”…

when we consider that they have grown up in a culture that says you can do what you please (have sex whenever with whoever), and the consequences of what you please can be eliminated by murdering someone. …

when you consider that they have been taught by movies, television, politicians, school teachers, pastors and their parents that human beings can be declared as less than human and we can kill them…

when you consider that they have been raised in a world that says “religion” or “God” is something that is only relevant to Sunday morning…

or when we consider that they have also been taught we are all just the product of random mutations guided by natural selection and we are really no different than a cockroach just on a different branch of the evolutionary tree…

when we consider that the ethos of today is that morals are relative and what is true for you is true for you and what is true for me is true for me…

when we consider that in the same day last week’s mass murder of 9 people was carried out that there was another mass murder of 3,200 people going on in the name of “legalized” abortion…should it at all surprise us in any way shape or form that somebody in Roseburg, Oregon murdered others in a classroom?

A nation will reap what it sows. An individual will reap what he sows. Parents will reap what they sow. Schools with reap what they sow. …

My heart goes out to the people mourning the loss of loved ones from the murder in Roseburg. My heart also goes out to the 3,200 children that have no eulogy or memorial ceremony that only God, their parents and the abortionist knew. Let’s stop the hypocrisy around our outrage of murder in our land. Let’s call it what it is…sin. And for those that serve Christ, let us with more zeal storm the gates of Hell with the Gospel banner held high…the only answer to that sin.

AUTHOR: Don Cooper
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